SHiFT e.V.

Hilfe für Geflüchtete bei Trauer und Trauma

Welcome !

Welcome to the SHiFT Association Website. We are pleased to be able to tell you about the work we do, our goals and vision, and our current activities in Potsdam and Berlin. The registered association SHiFT e.V. was founded in July 2018 and aims to help asylum seekers to process their experiences. 

People who have been forced to flee to Germany have usually been subject to dangerous circumstances in their country of origin, whether as a result of war, a warlike incident, or an act of violence or persecution. They have lost family members and friends, witnessed unimaginable destruction and have often narrowly escaped death themselves. The journey to Germany itself is also invariably rife with life-threatening episodes.  

Migrating is invariably intertwined with separation from a beloved homeland, giving up an established career and leaving behind relatives and friends, as well as many other relationships and aspects of familiar life.  

Such happenings and experiences not only affect practical living conditions but also influence feelings and thought processes. On this website we would like to tell you more about how past experiences can influence the present.  

Although past happenings cannot be undone, it is still possible to find help and to build pathways to an improved state of well being. It is possible to establish new perspectives step by step and to liberate the here and now from the powerful shadows of the past.  

The SHiFT Association was founded to help asylum seekers who endeavor to take this path. We would like to be a part of this, offering support and assistance in processing the things that have happened, in order that refugees can discover new horizons and are able to build a good future for themselves in Germany.  

Over the following pages we invite you to learn more about this idea and what we offer.